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Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! I’m not limited to only LA weddings and engagements. Fly me anywhere!

The sooner the better because I only take a limited number of weddings a year. I would hate for you to lose out on your wedding date. In order to secure your date, I require both a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable deposit. If you’re booking an engagement or lifestyle shoot, please try to schedule at least 2-3 months prior.

If you choose to work with me as a photographer, I hope that it’s because you love me for my style and brand…just as much as I’m excited to work with you and tell your story. In case you didn’t know, post-processing is such a time-consuming part of a photographer’s work and it hurts our feelings when people edit over our art. I kindly ask that you respect my work as editing over them would be a misrepresentation of my brand.

Unfortunately, I do not alter images in that sense. However, I will always do my best to get your most flattering angles. My goal is to always make you feel beautiful inside and out.

If you’ve already done an engagement session with another photographer, but your wedding packages comes with an engagement session, I highly recommend that you still do one with me. It gives us time to get to know and get comfortable with each other. That way on the wedding day, you aren’t nervous in front of the camera. You’ll know how I shoot and I’ll know how you like to be photographed. Think of engagement sessions as practice for the big day!

Yes I do! I have annual general liability coverage and can provide proof anytime you or your venue request it.

Yes. Wedding photos are an investment because they last forever. Nothing beats reliving your day with the experience of prints. An album is an heirloom that you can share with future generations. Also, digital photos can easily get corrupted/lost/deleted. Your heirloom album will last forever.

Should this even be a question?? OF COURSE YOU CAN! Just as long as we decide on a location that allows dogs.

I do not provide RAW files. I always make sure to select the most flattering and memorable photos for you to have.

It depends per season, but usually 3 weeks for an engagement shoot and 8-10 weeks for a wedding. 

Every couple is different. Some people decide to book their shoot right away (6-12 months before the wedding). While others would rather wait 3-4 months before the wedding. If you plan to use your photos for your invitations or save the dates, I would try to plan it out anywhere from 4-6 months in advance.

You bet I do. I photograph weddings with 2 camera bodies that have dual slots so that every shot I take already has a copy. As soon as I get home, I will upload the photos into 2 hard drives, upload into an online cloud, and store them into a RAID system. I never delete a memory card until I’ve delivered the photos and so in the meantime, I will store it inside a fireproof box. Also, at a wedding I will never leave my gear unattended.

No. Intimate weddings are just a specialty that I love. I am open to taking big weddings as well.

Yes, I can provide print-release contracts so that you are able to print your photos and use them for personal use.


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